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The new Patria Magazine for the company stakeholders is now easier to read in digital format. The digital magazine supports most web browsers, tablets and smart phones and contains the same articles as the printed version. It adapts itself to the reading device. For example, the reading view is different for a smart phone than it is for a large computer screen. [...]

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The Kazakhstan Civil Aviation Academy and Patria Pilot Training have signed an agreement on the provision of commercial pilot training. A memorandum of understanding regarding the agreement was signed during President Sauli Niinistö's state visit to Kazakhstan in April of last year. [...]

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Patria will start employee co-operation negotiations in its Land business unit due to the productional and financial reasons. Negotiations concern all functions and personnel groups. Objective of the negotiations is to adapt the number of employees and organization to meet the current workload and order stock. The main target is to secure competitiveness of Land business unit in the future and to retain strategic operations and capabilities.   [...]

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Patria has its own Twitter account, @PatriaOyj, through which the Group actively communicates on topical matters. Twitter is an easy, fast and efficient communication channel that supports our traditional channels. [...]

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Patria’s Annual Review consists of the Annual Report which includes the Corporate Responsibility Progress Report and a separate Financial Statements Report. These parts complement each other. All parts can be read at the company’s website. [...]

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2013 was a year of strong growth for Patria. There was a clear improvement in net sales and profitability remained on a good level. Growth in new orders was however moderate, which will affect Patria’s development over the next few years. [...]

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The Patria Group's result for the first half of the financial period corresponded to expectations. Net sales were EUR 362.7 million, compared to EUR 324.7 million in the previous year, which equals a growth of 11.7%. Similarly, operating profit rose to EUR 27.5 million (7.9%) from EUR 23.8 million (7.3%) in 2012. The Group's equity ratio was 44.6% (42.6%). Net gearing was 20.6%, compared to 23.8% in 2012. [...]

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The Annual General Meeting of Patria Oyj adopted the Consolidated Financial Statements for the financial period that ended on 31st December 2012. It was also decided to discharge the members of the Board of Directors and the President from liability for the financial period of 2012. Furthermore, the Annual General Meeting decided, according to the Board of Directors’ proposal, to distribute a dividend of EUR 0,50 per share, totally EUR 19 012 424. [...]

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Patria’s annual report 2012 and financial statements 2012 have been published on the companys’s website Patria’s annual report consists of three different parts, which complement each other: Annual Report, Financial Statements and Corporate Responsibility Progress report. [...]

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2012 was a year of profitable growth for Patria. There was a clear improvement in the company’s net sales and profitability. The order stock accumulated over the previous years created a solid foundation for last year’s positive result, and almost all of the financial targets set for 2012 were achieved. [...]

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Patria AMV, the global market leader of modern armoured wheel vehicles, has been joined by another Patria mortar system. As a result of recent export deals, Patria Nemo, a 120mm mortar system, has also gained the market leader position in turreted mortar systems. [...]

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European Space Agency E`SA has provided research and development guidance to Finnish company Patria, with the help of Tampere University of Technology, in designing a search and rescue radio antenna that can be sewn into a life vest. Made from highly flexible, lightweight material that is robust against water exposure and moist conditions, and resistant to wear and tear, this special antenna has been designed for use by the Cospas-Sarsat worldwide search and rescue satellite system. [...]

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Patria presents its aerospace competences at Paris Air Show June, 20-24th 2011. Especially Patria’s Pilot Training and Avionics Engineering capabilities are showcased with a flight procedure trainer as well as advanced composite technology at Patria’s booth, Hall 4 Booth D4. [...]

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AOC Electronic Warfare 2014,

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Talentum: How to prevent fraud, Helsinki

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Merilampi Attorneys Ltd:

Anti-Bribery Seminar, Helsinki

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25 -26 March, 2014








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