What does Patria offer as an employer?

Patria is a good employer that offers diversified work duties for experts in many different fields. Patria employees have the opportunity to develop into top specialists in their own sector, or expand their competence into new fields. This large company provides career possibilities in many directions at several locations!

Patria employs Masters of Science (Eng.) and engineers in industrial engineering and management as well as the aviation, manufacturing, production, mechanical, electrical and vehicle engineering fields as specialists, designers, project managers, and supervisors. We also employ persons with a vocational qualification in engineering as fitters and assembly workers. At Patria, IT experts are given duties related to, for instance, space technology, situational awareness systems, or defence electronics.

According to an employer image survey carried out by the research company Universum among young technology and IT experts, Patria is among the top 20 most attractive employers.

Patria’s success in this survey was built on special products and services that appeal to young people, the international nature of our operations, and the reliability and stability of our company. We at Patria also appreciate the opportunity to find balance between work and leisure time.

Patria has a performance-related pay system that applies to all personnel, and other forms of rewards.

How does Patria ensure equality?

We follow an equality plan that promotes the realisation of equality in daily work. Patria always fills a vacant position by hiring the applicant it deems to be the most suitable. When positions are being filled, it must be ensured that more qualified persons are not unjustifiably bypassed on the basis of gender. The organisation of work takes the employees' individual competences into account. Each employee is provided with equal opportunities to proceed in their career at all levels of the organisation.

What is the average age of Patria employees? Do you have female employees?

The average age is 42. Many positions require experience in addition to education and training. We ensure the competence of future employees through on-the-job learning and transfer of tacit knowledge. Of all employees, two out of 10 are women.

How do you ensure the well-being of your personnel?

We believe that well-being at work is a result of the company's value set, expertise, management, cooperation, and system of rewards. Flexible working hours help employees match their work with leisure time. Patria supports exercise during time off as well as hobby clubs. As a major benefit to its staff, Patria offers extensive medical-expense insurance as part of occupational health care.

What opportunities does Patria provide for career development?

Patria offers challenging and diversified duties where employees can challenge themselves and create a path to develop both their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Job rotation from one business area to another enables employees to expand their competence, and enhances the transfer of tacit knowledge for the benefit of the new unit. Assignments abroad and participation in challenging international projects offer good possibilities for those desiring international experiences.

I dream of an international career; what can Patria offer to me?

Patria has employees in, for instance, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Germany, South Africa, and Lebanon. Finnish offices have citizens from many different countries, and the daily work of almost every Patria employee includes international cooperation.

Do Patria employees have a good salary?

Patria follows the collective agreements of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and supplementary local agreements, as well as the employer's own salary-related principles and methods of operation. Patria has a competitive level of salaries and wages. Its competitiveness is constantly monitored by means of various surveys. The grounds for individual salaries are the requirements of the position, the person's qualifications, and his/her work attainments. In addition, we use a performance- and profit-related pay system that applies to all employees.