Group services

Corporate functions include financial administration, finance, human resources management, Group procurement, legal administration, business strategy, ICT, industrial partnerships, marketing, and communications. The Group's main offices are in Helsinki and Tampere, but Group employees work at almost every location where we have an office.  A total of 115 persons work in corporate functions.


Composite structures for aircraft

Our Aerostructures line designs and manufactures demanding composite structures for aircraft and plays an active role in development programmes on new composite technologies. Its core competence comprises strong design expertise in composite structures and efficient production processes.

Examples of the educational background of our specialists:
M.Sc.(Eng)/Engineer in Aircraft or Materials Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration, Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology, Mechanic, Technician, and variousvocational qualifications.

We employ, for instance, project managers, quality engineers, manufacturing designers, specialists on strength calculations, inspectors, lamination workers and composite fitters.

This business has a total of 150 employees at Halli in Jämsä as well as in Tampere.


Patria has more than 1,000 professionals in various aviation operations

Aviation offers life-cycle support services for aircraft and helicopters, primarily for the authorities and military clients. Life-cycle support services cover fuselage, engine and equipment repair, maintenance and modification, as well as pilot training.

Core competence consists of product development, design, installation, maintenance and training duties requiring special expertise. These operations employ Masters of Science in Engineering, engineers, Doctors of Science and technicians with qualifications in aviation technology, mechanical engineering, industrial management and engineering, or logistics.  Competence in either military or civil aviation supports the career path of flight instructors. We especially require orientation in aircraft or engine technology or avionics from our fitters, as well as a commitment to maintaining and increasing professional manual skills in practical work.

Our Aviation offices are located at Halli in Jämsä, Linnavuori in Nokia, Utti, Tikkakoski, Pirkkala, Tampere, Arlanda in Stockholm, and Bardufoss in Norway. The total amount of staff approximately 930.


International duties among vehicles and weapons systems

Our Land division focuses on product development, manufacturing, sales, project management and the necessary procurement logistic of vehicles and weapons systems, as well as life-cycle support services for our products.

The success of this business is based on competent personnel, rapid product development processes, short delivery times and solid cooperation with the supplier network.

Diversified duties are offered for Masters of Science (Eng) and Engineers in product development and project duties as well as support functions, and fitter duties in assembly operations.

A suitable educational background is the M.Sc.(Eng) or Engineer degree (in, for example, mechanical, electrical or vehicle engineering, industrial management and engineering) and, for fitters, vocational training in the vehicle or electricity sector.

Offices in our Land business sector are situated in Hämeenlinna and Tampere.


Systems projects in collaboration with customers

The Systems field offers many career possibilities, special areas of expertise being development and the integration of intelligence, surveillance and management systems, and life-cycle support. Those who work in this business line design, develop and manufacture electronics, software and systems in the areas of sensor technology, signal processing, data transfer and stealth technology.

Employees working on these systems have solid expertise on flight equipment and/or weapons systems. Areas of core competence in the future shall include project management, system integration, and services included in life-cycle support.

Offices are located in Halli in Jämsä, Tampere and Espoo. The total amount of staff approximately 280.