Patria is a workplace where you will build shared security. At our company, ordinary people solve extraordinary challenges. When you are working on critical operations on land, at sea, in the air and online, expertise makes a difference. Quality is created by people – every one of us.
At Patria, you make the difference.

This kind of employer we want to be

  1. Security for society
    We are proud to be enhancing national and international security. This requires a responsible attitude and top expertise to guarantee operational reliability under all conditions.

  2. You will be influential
    At Patria, you will influence the content of your work, the development of your career, and the success of your customers and the company as a whole. With us, you can reach your peak.
    In the community of Patria professionals, you find challenging duties you can actively help develop. At your discretion, you can either obtain broad expertise or focus on a specific sector that is of interest to you. You also have the opportunity to develop into a professional in supervisory work through internal training.
    Here at Patria, people's own activeness and courage are at the core of all development. If you possess the desire and the drive, we offer platforms of growth to help build your career path. Our Group-level programmes such as Pro Point, Step and Leap offer development opportunities for experts, managers and the leaders of the future.

  3. Focus on the most important thing
    Do what you love and see the results of your work. You are crucial to us. We want you to be well and live a full life.
    As an employer, Patria is responsible for ensuring a firm foundation for wellbeing: competent management, efficient work planning, and safe working conditions. To the extent possible, Patria as an employer aims to offer a variety of alternatives for matching various situations in life by means of, e.g., job alternation leave, reconciling work with studies, or flexible solutions with regard to working hours. Our employees often praise us for this!

  4. A great team
    With us, you will work in an evolving, energetic working community of happy people. We believe that a good atmosphere leads to the best results.
    Good individual performances are not always enough: rather, complex projects are steered forward in collaboration with others. We emphasise the skills of working together and interaction, and we continuously practise working together. We have specified areas of expertise important for supervisors and coach them to lead the work of their teams better than before. Doing things together is much more fun!