Ilkka, Engineer (Information Technology and Programming),
Systems Engineer

"I am motivated every day by good colleagues and work atmosphere as well as technical problems I am faced with. It’s also great that Patria supports the hobbies of its employees! In my work, challenges include resolving problems and bringing things to a conclusion on time. Overcoming challenges is rewarding."

Ilkka was positively surprised in autumn 2006 when he noticed an advertisement from Patria in the Tekninen Uratie service, looking for people to work in the programming sector elsewhere than in Helsinki or the usual growth centres. What especially attracted Ilkka to C++ programming duties were airplanes[OR1] , which he sees as a challenge and an interesting subject for software applications, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the development of Finnish defence.

Ilkka has been satisfied with his job, and states that Patria is a company big enough to be stable but still not too large. As a big employer, Patria offers good career opportunities among the same or different products. Patria has a good reputation as an employer, and it holds on to its specialists. Long-term projects are further increasing Ilkka's interest in Patria.

He worked on C++ programming duties for about a year, and then became a software expert. This specialist position began with a one-year training stint in Chicago, USA, where he studied programming on the central computer of a Hawk fighter plane. At the moment, Ilkka is responsible for programming in the upgrade project for the Hawk. His duties include, e.g., resolving problems detected during tests/test flights and contacts with the equipment and software supplier based in the USA. He is also responsible for duties related to the project's software, such as configuration management and support for type inspection, etc. In addition to these project assignments, Ilkka is a member of software development teams. Now Ilkka is about to switch to project management duties as a parts project manager for the Hawk and responsible for its software, so his career development is also looking good.

Patria provides different kinds of training and encourages employees to improve their competence.

Thus far, Ilkka has not needed any programming or language training because, for him, developing competence is focused on project management where the training is underway.

Ilkka, what would you like to tell students who want to work for Patria?

"In programming for aircraft, we still use old and tested programming languages such as C and C++, so knowing them is a benefit, though schools do not teach them as much anymore. We specify and plan what is programmed, and all software is tested prior to delivery. Don’t hesitate – just send in your application!