Product Group Manager Jouni has been employed in Patria’s Systems business unit since 1999.

Patria’s largest customer is the Finnish Defence Forces, and this has been reflected in Jouni’s career. For about a decade, he acted as the Project Manager of an international project whose main customer was the Finnish Defence Forces, with Jouni contacting them weekly as part of his work. In his current duties, he is also in charge of some projects that Patria conducts for the Finnish Defence Forces, and participates in project brainstorming and preparations.

For Jouni, the tasks of a typical workday evolve around several projects and customer contacts. He has also gained experience in international sales. His Master of Science degree in electronics and communication systems has provided solid foundations for his work. As a manager, he also needs to get along with many kinds of people – sometimes in challenging situations.

Patria also operates on the international market and is able to offer a wide range of versatile duties as an employer. According to Jouni, it is a rule rather than an exception that the job description of a Patria employee changes over time. There are plenty of opportunities for professional and career development. The key is the employee’s own desire to develop. Jouni adds that Patria’s wages – including result-based bonuses and employee benefits – are very competitive.

“If you find work with us, you are in for a challenging and interesting future! Be active and develop your expertise!”