My job description in corporate administration was new, and the company was looking to fill the vacancy. My primary duty is to negotiate Group-level contracts on indirect purchases. A typical workday consists of preparing for competitive bidding, negotiating with suppliers, drawing up summaries of competitive bidding, and editing agreements. I also do a lot of development duties related to procurement. I am motivated by this diversified, independent work.

We have a very good work atmosphere at Patria, in my opinion. I’ve been at a variety of workplaces and seen many different things – Patria’s at the very top of my list as a work community. Employees are trusted here and given the opportunity to develop and improve. It all depends on you - what are you prepared to give and take? Patria’s large enough to provide opportunities for development but not too big to drown you in bureaucracy. Approximately 80 per cent of all Patria employees are men, but equality works and male domination has never affected my work.

“A new graduate should jump at various assignments, because versatile experience comes in handy as one’s career proceeds. Patria gives people opportunities for diversified work duties."