Milla, M.Sc., Information Technology
Design Engineer

"I had been working in Jyväskylä for five years and needed some new breezes in my life. I come from Halli, and by chance I noticed in a local employment office job advertisement that work in my own field was being offered close to my childhood home. I like the locality, but at that point I knew practically nothing about the company itself and the software development going on there. Like many others, I imagined Patria to be more like a company operating in industry."

Milla came to Patria to write her Master's thesis in 2006 and worked on application development for some time after her thesis was completed. Then Milla changed product groups, travelled to Florida for some training, and worked on a maintenance simulator of the Hornet fighter aircraft for a little over a year. There was a break of about one year in the simulator project, so Milla managed to get "on loan" in her old product group to develop a user interface and 3D graphics for the project. That also gave her a chance to update her own competence on OpenGL, for instance. Now Milla is back to work on the Hornet maintenance simulator.

Patria's large size and diversity provide stability and opportunities to work on many different sorts of assignments. Milla is extremely happy that she has had some variety and experiences on various projects, each of which is still ongoing. Proactiveness is both challenging and rewarding. There is a lot of responsibility, because one must balance one’s own schedules. Being able to positively surprise a customer is always a great feeling.

It is difficult to describe a typical day at work. Milla arrives at work around eight o'clock a.m. After reading emails, she checks her TO-DO list, decides what she wants to get done that day, and gets busy. Her work duties cover most everything: planning, coding, photography at a nearby garage, image processing, working on 3D graphics, reading up on Hornet systems, negotiations with customers, product group meetings, etc. 

Milla is motivated by seeing her own hand in graphics-related assignments; designing and implementing high-quality, generic software solutions; and enjoying the respect of colleagues and supervisors. Of course, a good salary is very nice, and there is always training on offer whenever necessary! Milla thinks that the best aspects of her job are freedom, challenges, and working with graphics. If Milla could wish for something from her employer, it would be additional opportunities to take unpaid leave.

Milla believes she will continue with the simulator job for several years, and she will probably be on loan in other groups every now and then. If she becomes interested in the job of a project manager, for example, it will surely be available; however, it is more likely that she will move towards some kind of specialist role. 

Milla, what would you like to tell students who want to work for Patria?

"People here appreciate expertise and innovation, but employees also need to have professional skills, be diligent, and do their jobs properly. Be proactive and courageous. Think carefully about what you want from your future, and find a place where you can get it."