Risto, M.Sc. (Tampere University of Technology TUT; major subjects digital and computer engineering, software production) Design Engineer

Risto noticed Patria's advertisement for a place to prepare a Master's thesis on the bulletin board of TUT in spring 2005. He was interested in the attractive products and industry, so he sent his application in and was granted an interview conducted by his future supervisor, a project manager, and a current colleague. After they all stated that Risto was suitable and qualified for the assignment, a security clearance, part of the standard operating procedures in the industry, was initiated on him. After this, he was hired for a project where he could write his Master's thesis (FPGA/embedded system programming).

After his thesis was accepted, Risto was recruited as a programmer, and now he is a Design Engineer in the same project for which he did his thesis. This project is a technology demonstration and still continues with the production of a prototype device. The project may move into a series production phase in future, where he would get to see the product's entire life cycle, from research to product development and then series production, to maintenance and possible further development. Participation in other projects on a small scale adds further to the diversity of the work.

Risto's workday comprises fixing bugs and programming new features at his own desk. After programming, there is revision testing in the laboratory in a genuine system environment. Interesting projects motivate him at work; complicated and technically highly advanced systems are the most challenging aspect. It is rewarding to finally see how big entities work when the whole system is integrated from work done by many different specialists.

Patria believes in learning by doing. Even Risto has not actually attended any general courses in a technological sense. Instead, he has already completed a few product courses on design software as well as those arranged by system suppliers.

Risto says that he has developed his competence alongside his work, by deepening his previous expertise within the framework of his work duties at the time.

Risto has attained considerable competence in the application sector. During studies, the focus was more on matters of a more general nature; Patria has provided him with a lot of expertise in the product area.

Risto is happy with his employer; organisations do sometimes seem to change too often, but that is probably usual these days!

Risto's tips to a new graduate applying for a job:

"Be active, and constantly monitor recruitment notices and recruitment pages on the websites of companies that interest you."