Tomas joined the Tekla Projects unit as a programmer in 2005. He became a Patria employee when the company acquired the Tekla Defence business in 2007. Tomas's interest was originally piqued by the variety of work duties in the defence industry, and the project-format method of working. According to Tomas, Patria operates in an interesting sector and is working to develop the latest technology in its field.

Tomas has advanced from Programmer to Software Designer, Architect and then to Project Manager. Tomas's current unit is relatively small, so he gets to do just about anything there. His duties include, e.g. project management, planning of work, communication with customers, chairing meetings, managing requirements, designing software, managing testing, and sometimes doing programming as well. 

In Tomas's opinion, Patria is fairly normal as an employer. Due to its large size alone, Patria offers plenty of career opportunities, and in-house employees are encouraged to switch positions and units if they so desire. The various units have quite different sorts of operations and end products, so there is lot of variety.

Tomas usually starts his workday in Espoo a little before nine by going through his emails. Since the duties vary quite a bit, two days are hardly ever alike. Tomas travels to various customer meetings once a week on average.

What challenges him at work is that a customer's operating environment is often technically complex and frequently involves a lot of other systems and devices. In this environment, he needs to apply technology few people anywhere in the world have experience using. What rewards him is resolving situations of this kind and seeing how the end result works in practice. The best thing is when the customer is happy also.

With regard to his career plans, Tomas hopes he can proceed even higher in the organisation and participate more in the management and specification of strategic projects. Tomas has attended different training events and has been able to contribute quite a lot to things he has wanted to develop.

In Tomas's opinion, the best thing about Patria is that it offers truly interesting and varied duties. In addition, employees can make an impact if they want to do so. If you are interested in technical problems and this industry, you should consider Patria. Here, employees get to know various projects and technologies on a broad scale.

Tomas, what tips would you give to a new graduate looking for a job?

"You should not expect to get a job right away. It pays to invest in the job application process, and you must be active in it. At Patria, you get the chance to solve technically challenging and interesting problems and contribute to the creation of new technology and new products."