I have worked for Patria since 1974. It is difficult to describe a typical day, because almost every day is different from any other. There is variation in both the job and the working conditions - depending on the test, it can be 50 degrees in the shadow and you sleep at 36 degrees on sand in the desert. Boy, does a cold beer taste good after a week of this!

The other extreme is  a temperature of minus 50, and you still have to do your job.

My job includes preparing for customer testing, vehicle demonstration, testing, fleet maintenance, equipping the maintenance containers we use with tools and spare parts, and the related upkeep, according to the need at hand. If there's any time to spare, I work at the test manufacture workshop or the testing department, and sometimes as a design and planning specialist.

My job’s highly motivating because it's not always the same: every day is different, and sometimes things can become highly challenging. I also meet a lot of people from various cultural backgrounds and get to know what the customer really wants and needs.

Doing the job well requires a humble but unprejudiced attitude, getting along with different kinds of people in various circumstances, a sense of responsibility for one's work, knowing products and their features, good contacts within the company, experience, extremely good driving skills both in the terrain and on the road, a readiness to put oneself on the line, and having the courage and ability to make quick decisions. The relationship at home has to be in order, because sometimes the other person must tend to domestic affairs alone for long periods of time.

"In the job of a Field Testing Mechanic, no two days are exactly the same. To a young person wanting to get in this field, I can say that you cannot start with this – you have to grow into this."