Many people may marvel when Ville says that the first thing that aroused his interest in Patria was the location of the place of work – a small Finnish town halfway between Tampere and Jyväskylä! His interest grew even more when it became clear what kinds of things people can do at Patria, so Ville filled in an open Web application. After the recruitment process, he got a job connected with the NH-90 helicopter at Halli in Jämsä in 2006.

According to Ville, Patria is an engineering company to the core – made interesting by special elements related to the work concerned, such as defence equipment technology and aviation.

Ville says that Patria is a modern and stable employer: demanding, yes, but also rewarding to its specialists. At Patria, employees have opportunities for diverse career choices to posts such as traditional designer, specialist, project manager and supervisor. Patria's specialities and incentives include uninterrupted assignments to foreign countries that may last a long time.

Ville's workdays are spent on, e.g. technical testing and documentation both at his own desk and on site – in other words, on board a helicopter or in operation containers. There are meetings both in-house and with customers and customers' system suppliers, in Finland and abroad. The job also entails the acquisition of information and, when necessary, some installation of information technology. Ville's previous work background was focused on embedded systems and programming. Now he has had a chance to study data networks and a wide array of other new technology. He has also picked up some basic skills in German!

In his work, diverse technical sectors and schedules are a challenge. Ville says that what rewards him is progress on the implementation of new hardware and software, as well as positive feedback from clients. Ville smiles and states that of course a bank manager is enough of a motivator for someone with a mortgage, but the pleasant atmosphere and interesting project contribute a great deal to his work motivation. The current project is enough of a challenge for a few years to come. “I will look at the situation at that point – otherwise, I’ll live my life and make new choices as I go along,” Ville states.

In Ville's opinion, the basic elements of employment are in order at Patria. The company has modern facilities and tools for work, a young atmosphere and diversified projects. The working hours are flexible on both sides. Even senior employees do not have to travel without compensation. There are recreational activities, and the employer supports free-time hobbies. Paternity leaves and such have been arranged by mutual understanding with the employer.

All the various aspects are well looked after: health care, ergonomics at work, recreational days, support for hobbies, development discussions and contribution to one's own duties, etc. Development discussions are held properly and on time, so they really are beneficial!

If Ville could improve on something, he would like to have more possibilities to do remote work. Many people have a long commute; with modern equipment, it should not be a problem to work remotely for one day per week, for example. Still, Ville does understand the current mode of operation, considering Patria's industry and level of data security.

Ville urges students to invest in studying languages as well as in negotiating and management skills, in addition to engineering and technology. At Patria, having completed one's military training may be useful in some positions. All students should remember to behave appropriately; every job applicant's background is vetted, because it is a customer requirement in this industry.

Ville, how would you recommend Patria to a friend looking for a job?

"I would state all the above and also point out that it makes sense to apply for a job in Jämsä and consider living there, too. Big cities are close enough anyway when needed, but housing is more affordable here and life is more relaxed without any traffic lights! And Päijänne and Himos for instance provide ample opportunities for hobbies."