If you ask Patria employees about their career paths, you often receive a long, meandering answer. The careers are rather long, because we have high requirements on competence. People obtain experience and vision with many kinds of duties at various parts of Patria. We strive to support people's development through good supervisory work, in line with their own interests and the needs of the company.

We appreciate professional expertise, an absolute requirement for work carefully planned and skilfully performed in our industry. The development and maintenance of professional expertise are functions built into our corporate culture. For instance, several production-related tasks require up to several years of qualification whilst learning and training on the job.

We develop competence in many different ways, but one of the most important ones is learning together. We encourage our employees to work together and learn from others across the boundaries of business operations.  If necessary, we work on joint development projects that transcend business borders to develop various modes of operation and professional expertise. LEAN development at Patria serves as one example of this.

In the community of Patria professionals, you find challenging duties you can actively help develop. At your discretion, you can either obtain broad expertise or focus on a specific sector that is of interest to you. You also have the opportunity to develop into a professional in supervisory work through internal training.

Here at Patria, people's own activeness and courage are at the core of all development. If you possess the desire and the drive, we offer platforms of growth to help build your career path. For example, Patria has launched a programme called LEAP that supports persons at various stages of their career – identified as key potential – to develop into management duties at Patria in the future.