Unique duties that you cannot take home with you

At Patria, you get to work with unique customer relationships, products and services. Our customers include e.g. Defence Forces and security authorities in different countries. The duties range from installation tasks to the development of management and surveillance systems or even the training of pilots.

We are a significant part of the maintenance and development of our customers' operational capability. Indeed, Patria employees work in a unique environment that is coloured by various obligations related to security and customer requirements. It is fairly natural that aircraft or armoured wheeled vehicles are not maintained remotely, but much of the expert work is done on Patria's own premises because classified information cannot be moved outside Patria's servers or facilities. That is why we are only able to offer limited opportunities for remote work. However, this facilitates matching work with other facets of life, and we feel this is important for the well-being of our personnel. Therefore, we often even advise people not to take work home but to handle their assignments where they are located.

Working together is more pleasant

Good individual performances are not always enough: rather, complex projects are steered forward in collaboration with others. We emphasise the skills of working together and interaction, and we continuously practise working together. We have specified areas of expertise important for supervisors and coach them to lead the work of their teams better than before.