Summer jobs

Patria is a diversified place of employment that provides plenty of possibilities for professional development. Every year we offer dozens of challenging summer internships in production and office duties at our business operations all over Finland. We are also interested in people writing a final thesis. The major subjects that interest us the most include mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial engineering and management, and aircraft engineering.

We offer diversified summer jobs at our businesses around Finland. Applying for summer jobs starts in January and continues until the middle of March. Follow our advertisements!

What must you be able to do?

We value proactiveness and an energetic attitude towards working. Often a summer job is the beginning for subsequent employment, so we emphasise on-the-job learning and development into a versatile specialist. We have assistant jobs in production for first-year students who have turned 18. Once the skills are a little more advanced, there are positions as design and planning assistants and in various projects.

We mostly hire students in the technical field, but also some on the commercial side as well.

What do we offer?

We provide practical work experience in an international company that can offer jobs requiring special expertise in addition to work where you can cope with less training and experience. Read more about our business operations on our website, for example, at the item Products and Services.


The summer job period is usually from the beginning of May-June until the end of August-September, but traineeships are offered all year round.

If you became interested in working at Patria during the summer,

follow our job-specific advertisements for the upcoming summer as well. We will publish vacancies during the January-March period!