Optimal performance and usability for the customer

The Aviation business unit offers life-cycle support services for aircraft and helicopters, maintenance for gas turbines and diesel engines, and pilot training. It is our duty to guarantee optimal performance and usability for our customers in security-critical tasks.

In Aviation, you will be involved in interesting and important tasks including maintenance, repairs and modifications to aircraft, helicopters and engines. Our professionals work on demanding and interesting installation, maintenance, design, product development and training tasks. Depending on the duties, people with a wide range of educational backgrounds can work with us.

We value expertise in aeronautics, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and logistics. A large number of our mechanics have professional competences in the fields of aircraft and engine technology, as well as in avionics. Our flight instructors have gained qualifications in either military or civil aviation.

The Aviation business has locations in Halli (Jämsä), Linnavuori (Nokia), Utti, Tikkakoski, Pirkkala and Tampere.

Future experts

In the future, our activities will increasingly lean towards exploiting digital technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), as well as robotics. In the field of pilot training, we are developing a ground-breaking system that combines physical and virtual flight, with simulators playing an important role.

We are connected by a genuine enthusiasm and passion for our sector. We are committed to our work and proud of what we can do. We take responsibility and it is natural for us to work in close collaboration with our customers. We have a can-do attitude and we are not afraid to get going. Our personnel are easy to approach, open and positive.