International duties among vehicles and weapons systems

The Land business unit is a leading expert in armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems and related systems solutions and life-cycle support services.

The Land unit works on customer projects with a sales and marketing phase, a delivery phase and project-related services for the customer. The most common job titles are project manager, customer relations director, designer, specialist, strength calculator, testing engineer, production designer, mechanic, purchaser, procurement manager, quality control manager and system specialist.

Offices in our Land business sector are situated in Hämeenlinna and Tampere.

Future experts

In the future, key competences will relate to new technologies, internationalisation, manufacturing, digital technologies, project and risk management, commercialisation, sales and leadership.

You will become part of an open team of experts with a good sense of humour and the ability to work with a smile. We are willing to renew and develop ourselves because we want to drive our business forwards together. The Land business unit is proud of this work, so employees have often stayed with us for decades.