Systems projects in collaboration with customers

The Systems business unit is a world-class provider of software expertise and system integration. Based on the latest technologies, we provide our customers with intelligence, monitoring and command systems, as well as related life-cycle support services. Providing systems and products for gathering and presenting situational awareness data is at the core of our system expertise.

In Systems, you will be involved in a wide range of different tasks in software production, from requirement specifications through to implementation and testing. Successful projects require coding wizards, as well as project experts, quality control professionals and configuration management experts. You will be able to shine as a top specialist in the fields of signal processing, data analytics and real-time operating systems for avionics, or advance down the supervisory path towards challenging managerial positions.

Future experts

In the future, we will expand internationally in software-intensive products, so the capability to work in innovative product development, product management and international industrial cooperation will be key to the realisation of the strategy. The key areas of expertise are capabilities related to radio technology intelligence and monitoring systems, as well as the latest trends in the sector, such as LVC, cyber, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and data analytics. Alongside technical competences, the essential characteristics of successful employees include teamwork and interaction skills, ambition and a burning passion to learn new things and do things smarter.

Systems is for you if you want to work on demanding projects with enthusiastic top professionals. You may be a promising recent graduate or an experienced veteran in your field, or anything in between! Our team takes a passionate approach to problem-solving and we do not shy away from hard work, but we remain bright-eyed. You will be warmly welcomed and, before you even notice, you will be a part of our amazing team.

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