Patria companies new invoicing addresses        

Patria group companies invoicing addresses have changed according to the schedule mentioned in each companies invoicing addresses page. Following the change into a new invoice handling system we ask you to send invoices according to instructions mentioned below.

Please note that the addresses are only meant for sending invoices and not for any other documents or materials. Goods delivery addresses will not change.

Our new operator is Basware BAWCFI22.

We primarily accept e-invoices. If you are not able to send e-invoices you can send e-invoices in Basware Supplier Portal. Portal is free and it is specially to serve smaller suppliers. In case you have any problems in registering into portal or using portal please contact Basware or +358 60097373.

In invoices based on orders or contracts the order or contract number should also be included in the title field. We will contact you separately about these later on. All the other invoices shall include at least Patria’s contact person’s name (first name surname, surname first name or in the title field.

Technical implementation on e-invoices varies depending on XML standard in use: TEAPPS-standard:

Order number
Contract number:
Reference person
Order number
Contract number
Reference person

If you cannot send e-invoices invoices can be sent for scanning to above mentioned e-mail addresses. You must not send any other materials to scanning addresses. If the invoice is sent for scanning in pdf-format, the invoice and its attachments should be in one file, invoice on the first page. Please follow these instructions when sending email invoices to your customer:

  1. Invoices are to be attached as PDFs and one PDF is to contain one invoice. Sending invoices in any other format is not allowed and will not be processed.
  2. Only invoices should be delivered to the service and any other information are discarded.
  3. The PDF attachment filenames can only contain the following characters: [A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], [.], [ _ ].
  4. There can be multiple PDF invoices included in one email and each of the PDF will be processed as one invoice.
  5. The email content can be left blank as only PDF attachments will be processed.
  6. You will receive an email notification reply for every email you send to the service:
    1. The notification lists all successfully PDF invoices.
    2. In case the email contains invalid attachments, these are not processed and they are listed in the notification. You need to check and re-send any possible valid files in PDF-format. Do not re-send already successfully processed PDF invoices!
    3. In case the email does not contain any attachments, you are notified of this. Please check and send an email containing PDF invoices.
    4. In case the email sixe exceeds 5Mb, the email is not processed and you are notified of this. You need to decrease the email size by sending the attachments in separate emails.

We ask to note that Patria companies will not accept paper invoices in the future.

If you have any questions related to this announcement please contact us by e-mail:

Please find attached the supplier letter in pdf-format and Basware portal quick guide, as well as a guide for sending email invoices