Patria's role as a strategic partner to the Finnish Defence Forces outlines our responsibilities in the society. Safeguarding business continuity is of paramount importance for us. This requires profitable and responsible operations.

In addition to financial performance, Patria bears responsibility for the well-being of its employees and the environment. Patria also acknowledges its role in increasing responsibility across the industry at national and international level; we are active in different communities in order to develop and learn the best practices in the field.

Patria’s top management has defined what corporate responsibility means for us from the company point of view. Three important aspects were identified as a result of this work. We want our profitable operations to be based on good partnerships, which cover cooperation with all of our stakeholders. Good partnerships, in turn, are enabled by the wellbeing of employees and ethical conduct.

Patria’s Board of Directors and senior management have clearly communicated their requirement for zero tolerance for all unethical practices. We have put a lot of effort in ethical trainings and develoment of the ethical practices. Same commitment we expect also from our partners.

In Finland, we continue our long-term work in the prevention of youth marginalisation. We have supported the activities of the Save the Children Finland organisation and the Finnish Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, we also act as the main sponsor of the VL Myrsky (‘Storm’) fighter aircraft restoration project which engages young people through workshops.

Responsibility is part of every Patria employee's everyday work.


Olli Isotalo
President and CEO