Patria’s environmental responsibility is guided by the Group’s environmental policy, and the international principles for environmental responsibility to which the company is committed.

According to the stakeholder survey, the key aspects of Patria’s environmental responsibility are compliance with chemicals and environmental legislation, waste recycling and energy efficiency.

Patria is committed to promote sustainable development in its operations by means of concrete measures. Efforts are made to make energy and water consumption more efficient and to have a positive impact on the recycling and responsible disposal of waste.

The responsibility for Patria’s environmental responsibility development lies with the environmental work group tasked with furthering collaboration and the sharing of information between various business units, and with developing and reporting on the group’s environmental responsibility.

In 2017, Patria brought in an external expert organisation (Ecobio Oy) to assist with the development of the environmental working group’s operations. The purpose of the outside assistance is to bring the environmental working group’s reporting practices closer to compliance with GRI standards.