Patria respects and promotes universal human rights as defined by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its operations. Among those rights Patria considers to be fundamental and universal are: freedom of thought, opinion, expression, religion and peaceful assembly as well as freedom from any discrimination based on race, age, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Furthermore, Patria shall not tolerate any use of forced or child labour. This is includes in Patria's Ethical Code of Conduct which is introduced to all employees.
All employees with managerial duties are required to actively and purposefully promote a leadership culture, which is in accordance with Patria’s values and the spirit of Ethical Code.


Patria aims to provide a safe and inspiring working environment to all employees. Accordingly, employees are required to conduct their duties without endangering health and safety in the workplace. Employees shall be treated and evaluated in accordance with their job related skills. Patria is committed to being an equal opportunities employer and shall treat all employees fairly, impartially and equally. Harassment in any form is unacceptable.

Some 95% of Patria's personnel work in Finland. In addition, Patria has employees in Sweden and Norway.

Suppliers and Subcontractors

Patria shall make every effort to deal with suppliers, subcontractors, consultants and agents only, who are prepared to work in accordance with the principles presented in this Code. Patria requires that suppliers, subcontractors, consultants and agents shall comply with local legislation in all countries where they operate. Risk evaluation, including ethical risks, is performed regularly.

Patria has some 3300 suppliers in 42 countries. Almost 70% of them are Finnish companies. Other notable counties are Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and France.

Conflict minerals

Patria Group’s objective is to pursue long-term profitable business in an ethical and responsible manner. Proper business conduct means compliance with the highly recognized standards of ethical conduct as well as with all and any applicable laws. Patria takes the conflict minerals related regulations as well as other ethics and compliance laws, regulations, treaties and agreements very seriously and strives to do business only with business partners that have a similar approach to ethics and compliance, including protection of human rights.

Business Partners

Third party compliance risks are reviewed and monitored in accordance with and as part of Patria Business Partner Selection Process.  Business Partner Selections require transparency  and collegiality for the decision as well as centralisation for the validation. Objective is to reduce the risk of unethical behaviour. Patria's Ethical Code of Conduct applies to its partners and they are offered related training if needed.

Patria's Ethical Code of Conduct