Patria Group’s objective is to be recognized as an ethical operator in the industry.

  • Patria’s principles regarding ethical practices and the anti-corruption measures it takes have permeated the company’s stakeholders, with Patria being viewed as a company with a high standard for ethical practices
  • Patria’s most important partners operate on a level corresponding, at minimum, to that specified in Patria’s ethical guidelines
  • Patria’s personnel is aware of the ethical principles and the right conduct in the various aspects of their work

Patria requires zero tolerance towards corruption and bribery. Patria does not tolerate unethical or corrupt behaviour by its Personnel or business partners and acts actively against it. Decisions based on corruption are immoral, distort competition, harm the company´s assets and reputation and go against the common good. Patria pays special attention to ethical behaviour in contact with political parties, public authorities and their officials in all countries where we conduct business. Patria Personnel, Patria´s representatives and business partners may not, directly or indirectly, offer, promise or give bribes to agents, customers, suppliers or other business partners or public officials, or request or accept bribes anywhere in the world.

Commitment to anti-bribery and anti-corruption is communicated both internally and externally by the senior leadership.

Patria's anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy is included in the company Code of Conduct publicly available. That guideline is The Code is applicable to all Patria personnel, including directors, managers, employees and agency workers, including those of Patria´s subsidiaries.


Patria's anti-bribery and corruption activities are managed by Chief Compliance Officer as part of the Group's Corporate Responsibility Team. Read more about the management and responsibilities.


Prevention – raising awareness through clear policies and training to prevent employees making mistakes

Detection – encouraging people to report any concerns or suspected cases of corruption and offering tools to identify potential issues

  • Pulse taken every other year by a personnel survey with explicit questions on possible corruptive activities
  • Part of the general personnel surveys, the latest in 2018
  • Stakeholder feedback via a channel in the website
  • Whistle blowing channel including anonymous reporting possibility, read more about raising concerns

Correction – investigating all reported concerns and take appropriate action when cases of corruption are confirmed

  • Process in place and available internally for personnel

Interaction – collaborate with others in our industry to promote wider adoption of anti-corruption measures, read more about the network