All Patria employees go annually through an online training on Ethical Code of Conduct. Training material includes examples on situations where people should especially consider the ethical way to proceed. It also aims to ensure that all Patria employees have the knowledge what the related guidance imply. The training is divided in modulars, anti-corruption being one of them. The training is available in several languages corresponding to Patria's operation in different countries. 

Additionally for employees working with different stakeholders, such as in marketing and purchasing, class-room training is provided. Training material covers themes such as anti-corruption, gifts and hospitality, sponsorhips, business partner selection, etc.

New Patria employees get acquainted with the Ethical Code in a general introduction during their very first days of employment.

New Patria superiors go through Ethical Code training in connection of Superior Passport Training as one part of the course.

Strategic suppliers and partners are familiarised with Patria's Ethical Code of Conduct and are to be committed to act correspondingly.