Patria’s social responsibility consists of its commitment to personnel, customers and other stakeholders as well as a society, in which the Group plays a significant role as the strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Patria encourages and involves its personnel and other key stakeholders in the development of the procedures. Equivalent, responsible practices are also expected from the partners. The key areas of Patria’s social responsibility are related to the safety of its operations, personnel and the procurement chain.

Patria provides a safe, productive and healthy work environment, where each individual and team can give an excellent performance in a well-managed organisation. Each manager is responsible for leading by example, i.e. behaving in accordance with Patria’s values and management practices. Harassment or other unethical conduct is not tolerated in any form.

The purpose of occupational safety work is to create a company in which risks affecting personnel and tangible assets are effectively eliminated or minimised. In the defence industry, also many other measures of safety and quality are in an important role.

The goal is to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society. Responsible corporate citizenship means seeking new development targets together with other stakeholders in the value chain and with the members of society. Key issues for Patria include the development of defence materiel export practices and anti-corruption action.