Patria collaborates with international operators, governments and government officials on a variety of levels and in numerous ways (e.g. as a corporate citizen, tax payer and employer). Working with governments, agencies and officials requires high ethical standards and transparency. Interaction with governments and state-owned enterprises is subject to special requirements concerning, e.g. procurement, lobbying, representation and entertainment. All Patria employees are required to act honestly, truthfully and carefully and to observe Patria’s policies, guidelines and procedures, along with all applicable laws, when working with public officials.

Patria works in close, long-term cooperation with customers and other stakeholders. Patria understands good partnership as professional, reliable, open and transparent collaboration that all parties involved can accept without reservation. Patria manages its stakeholder relations honestly, fairly and confidentially.

Excellent examples of the partnership can be found in various partnership agreements, such as the strategic partnership agreement signed between the Finnish Defence Forces and Patria regarding life cycle support services for military aviation systems, and the extended strategic partnership agreement between Millog and the Finnish Defence Forces.

In the stakeholder survey, more than 90% gave Patria’s corporate image a rating of excellent or good. According to the results, Patria has comprehensive special expertise and is a reliable partner. Patria’s duties were also seen as demanding and challenging.

Patria was involved as a sponsor in the Sleep Easy campaign, a Finland 100 centennial project for increasing awareness of voluntary defence and security work and overall security. The nationwide non-profit project involved all actors in the field of comprehensive security: citizens, organisations, authorities and companies.

Patria continued its cooperation with the Finnish Aviation Museum Society, the Aviation Museum of Central Finland and the Finnish Aviation Museum, as the main sponsor for the restoration project of the VL Myrsky (‘Storm’) fighter plane. Young people studying at a number of technical colleges and youth workshops, in locations such as Jyväskylä and Vantaa, are also involved in the restoration project. A key element of the project involves combating the marginalisation of young people. Patria also continued its long-term cooperation with the Finnish Military Sport Federation. This involves promoting a sports-oriented lifestyle among young people, including after their period of conscription. Patria has supported the Finnish national biathlon team since 2011 and continued to do so during the 2017–2018 season.

In addition to this, Patria takes part in the United Nations Global Compact and supports its work through annual voluntary donations. With its Christmas donation funds, the company supported the conservation of the Baltic Sea through the World Wildlife Foundation. Patria met representatives of non-governmental organisations at various events. The company organised a morning event  for the representatives of domestic organisations, continuing an established tradition of engaging in the related discussions. The company also continued its discussions on responsibility with Transparency International UK.