Patria Pilot Training and ASTCO Finland have signed a partnership agreement on aviation security training that meets mandatory EASA requirements.

Patria will provide ASTCO Finland with assistance in product marketing and management of customer contacts. The actual training will be conducted by the staff of ASTCO. The one-day training programme includes theory and practical basic training, and ends with scenario-based training. The training will be provided on the airline's own premises, such as a cabin simulator or other suitable training facility.

The aim of the security training is to provide flight personnel with guidance and practical exercises to deal with different degrees of unruly behaviour by passengers. Equally important goal is to learn the limits for approved means of actions to avoid claims of excessive or improper use of force during a situation on board.

"For Patria Pilot Training, this is a new and interesting addition to Patria's training product range. We believe there is high demand on the international market for this new type of training service," says Mikko Paronen, Managing Director of Patria Pilot Training.

ASTCO Finland is one of the few qualified aviation security trainers in the world. The training includes theoretical knowledge and practical exercises in aircraft environment.

"All of ASTCO Finland’s instructors are experienced trainers in the use of force and have other types of practical expertise in the aviation sector," says Mika Kosonen, CEO of ASTCO Finland, who also works as an airline pilot.

Additional information:

Mikko Paronen, Managing Director, Patria Pilot Training, tel. +358 40 869 3113,
Mika Kosonen, CEO, ASTCO Finland, tel. +358 44 012 0373,

Further information about the security training

Patria Pilot Training has trained hundreds of commercial pilots since its foundation in 1998. Patria Pilot Training is part of Patria Group that is an internationally operating and trusted provider of life cycle support services and technology solutions for the defence, security and aviation industries.

ASTCO Finland is a Finnish aviation security company that focuses on security training for pilots and cabin crew in demanding conditions within the commercial air transport sector. Its trainers are professional instructors, certified by the Finnish Police Board to train the use of force. ASTCO's target group includes airlines and business aviation companies.