The new Patria Magazine for the company stakeholders is now easier to read in digital format. The digital magazine supports most web browsers, tablets and smart phones and contains the same articles as the printed version. It adapts itself to the reading device. For example, the reading view is different for a smart phone than it is for a large computer screen.

The appearance of the digital magazine is designed for electronic reading. From time to time, extra material such as news, interviews, images and videos will be published in the digital magazine. The printed magazine will continue to be published, also with a revised outlook and concept. The first issue of the improved printed magazine will be out in May 2014. The printed magazine will be issued two times a year, both in Finnish and in English, but the digital magazine will be updated even in between the issue dates. 

Since there is a countless amount of different kinds of devices, we have not been able to test the digital magazine with all of them. We would very much appreciate Your input as readers, so we can further develop our magazine. For feedback on the new digital magazine, please contact

The editorial staff in Patria Magazine wishes You enjoyable reading.