It has today been agreed together with Mika Kari, President of Patria’s Land Business Unit that he leaves the company and for his part assumes responsibility for the recent mistake in Patria’s international marketing practices.

In addition, Juha Simola, Senior Vice President, Land Business Unit Marketing and Sales has in common understanding with Patria’s Management decided to resign due to missing working prerequisites.

It has been agreed that both of them leave their positions immediately.

Several corrective measures have been started in order to further clarify the international marketing procedures as well as to arrange enhanced internal training in Patria.

“We have been under a considerable media attention in Finland during the last days and this has been very hard for all Patria employees. This incident has taught us that even the best procedures can be developed. We operate in a very sensitive business area and we cannot afford poor situational judgement calls”, states Olli Isotalo, President and CEO of Patria.

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