Systems makes comprehensive system and equipment deliveries to defence forces and security authorities. Areas of special expertise are intelligence, surveillance and command and control systems, as well as their integration, software and life-cycle support.

Patria is a system integration expert, whose strength lies in decades of experience of both national and international projects and technologies. As an integrator, Patria ensures both the performance of overall systems assembled from sub-systems, as well as the life-cycle management of systems and software. Cooperation with partners and supply chain management are emphasised by the fact that sub-systems can be based on several technologies from a range of suppliers.

Data transfer and its reliability form an important part of defence systems. Patria has solid expertise in secure wireless data transfer solutions. The operating environment of modern defence systems is no longer limited to land, sea and air – cyber threats must also be taken into account. This serves to enhance the importance of information system and network protection. Patria has actively strengthened its expertise and service and product range in these areas.