Patria's competences include comprehensive management of projects involving the design, industrialisation and production of aerospace structures. Long-term partnerships and cost efficiency are key success factors in the field.

Composite wing spoiler A380

Patria is a first tier supplier for the Composite wing spoilers for the Airbus A380, world’s largest passenger aircraft, being exclusively responsible for their design and analysis, verification, manufacture and product support. Each A380 wing has eight spoilers spanning up to 3 metres, located in front of the inner and outer flaps. The composite spoilers are an essential contributor to lower operating costs through reduced fuel consumption as the aircraft derive much of their efficiency from lower structural weight, achieved through the increased use of composite materials.

Patria is a contributor to several collaborative international composite aircraft programs using composite technology, such as for instance A400M and NH90.

Patria’s focus on composites results in strength and weight optimized structures, manufactured with maximum efficiency. Its competence is based on proven know-how in advanced composite structures used in demanding operational environments.

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