Armoured Wheeled Vehicles

Global market leader of modern armoured wheeled vehicles

Patria develops, markets and manufactures armoured wheeled vehicles and provides life cycle support for them. Key product is Patria AMV product family. Patria is the undisputed market leader in the product segment of modern armoured wheeled 8x8 vehicles with deliveries to seven different customer nations.

The armoured wheeled vehicles and mortar systems developed by Patria represent the latest technology in the industry. Patria’s expertise is based on decades of experience and major investment in product development. Patria works in close cooperation with its customers and its extensive network of international industrial partners. Patria’s products and services are NATO-compatible and are customised on an individual, customer-by-customer basis.

Patria AMV product family combines high payload capacity with the latest technology. These features enable simultaneous integration of a high level of protection with heavy weapon systems without compromising mobility of the vehicle.

Patria AMV 8x8 has been developed to provide optimal modularity of components and to be adaptable for a wide range of versions without changing basic vehicle systems. Patria AMV is available in three different models:

  1. Basic model provides the platform for following variants: armoured personnel carrier (APC), infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), command vehicle, ambulance, reconnaissance vehicle, anti-tank guided missile vehicle (ATGM), armoured repair and recovery vehicle (ARRV), and finally, the 120 mm Patria Nemo mortar system.
  2. High Roof Model provides extra space at the rear of the vehicle (34 cm higher than the basic model), which is ideal if the vehicle is used as a command, C4I, ambulance or workshop vehicle.
  3. Heavy Weapon Platform has been optimised to carry large-calibre weapon systems such as the 120 mm AMOS mortar system or the 105/120 mm cannon (MGS).


All previously mentioned 3 models and all their variants of AMV are available as 40 cm stretched vehicle.

AMV offers the best ballistic protection level in its class, providing front sector protection against APFSDS rounds up to 30 mm and excellent defence against IEDs, EFPs as well as TNT mines of up to 10 kg. Vehicle’s high payload capacity allows a variety of weapon systems to be integrated into the vehicle, starting from 7.62 mm machine guns and extending to a 105/120 mm cannon and a 120 mm AMOS/Patria Nemo mortar system.


Patria AMV brochure


Patria AMVXP

The latest version of AMV product family is Patria AMVXP, which is built on the success of Patria AMV and sets a new standard for the future 8x8 armoured wheeled vehicles. Spacious interior and high payload carrying capability provide a platform for future customer variants, allowing the simultaneous integration of weapon systems, protection and crew equipment. Patria AMVXP is also available as 40 cm stretched vehicle.


Patria AMVXP brochure


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