Mortar Systems

Global market leader in mortar systems

Patria develops, markets and manufactures turreted mortar systems. Core product is Patria Nemo mortar system and its life cycle support services. Patria has decades of experience in developing and producing large calibre weapon systems. The systems have been developed in cooperation with the customers and technology partners.

A compact and modern mortar system

Patria Nemo is a turreted, remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system. It is an indirect fire support system, but due to its direct fire capability, it can also be used for self-defence. Patria Nemo can also fire Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) fire missions where upto 5 grenades are hitting the target simultaneously.

Turret and armoured chassis protect the crew against ballistic, mine and IED threats and battlefield contaminants within the protection level of the platform vehicle. The light and compact turret is easily installable on light, tracked chassis or wheeled armoured vehicles in the 6x6/8x8 class.

Advantages of the Patria Nemo

  • Ballistic, mine, IED and NBC protection
  • A lightweight structure, requiring little space within the platform and, therefore, adjustable for older chassis
  • High rate of fire
  • Rapid response
  • Shoot and scoot
  • Minimal crew (driver + 1 Nemo weapon officer + 2 loaders)
  • Direct fire capability
  • Direct lay capability
  • Suitable for all standard 120 mm smoothbore mortar ammunition
  • Large amount of onboard ammunition
  • A chassis providing for high mobility
  • Full 360° traverse
  • Joint operations between Patria Nemo and Patria Nemo Navy units


Patria Nemo specs


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